Future Stores Miami

February 07 - 09, 2017

JW Marriott Miami, FL

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 Brenda Kiehnau
Brenda Kiehnau Executive Vice President Innomark

Day One - Maximizing Your In-Store Experience Strategy

11:05 AM Keynote Panel: Fail Fast, Learn Fast: Obtaining A Start Up Mentality To Spark Continuous Innovation

It’s no secret that established retailers can learn a lot from the authentic, more nimble retail startups who are invading the market. How can retailers maintain this “it” factor and really flourish? How can you foster a culture of innovation at your organization and dispel the fears of failure? From this lively discussion, learn how to:
•    Successfully pilot and test new ideas and concepts cost effectively and efficiently
•    Accept your failures as learning experiences and move on quickly
•    Identify major shifts in the retail landscape to capitalize on them at your organization