Future Stores Miami

February 07 - 09, 2017

JW Marriott Miami, FL

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 Tracy Faloon
Tracy Faloon Chief of Client Integration TPN Retail
With over 25 years navigating the retail landscape, Tracy’s knowledge of and passion for all things retail makes her the perfect candidate to drive retail strategy and collaboration across the agency. Her global experience in retail marketing - understanding the psychology of the shopper, defining the potential of technology, leveraging the power of the associate and elevating the importance of the environment-  has been instrumental in positioning TPN as a thought-leader in today’s dynamic retail space – in store, on line or on the go.

Day Two - Customer-Centric Retail Design & Innovation

12:05 PM Case Study: “Chchch Changes” – How to evolve your in-store experience to deliver what customer’s/shoppers really want

Every retailer knows technology has changed the way people shop – how and when and where – but it’s also changed what customers want and has built high expectations for their in-store shopping experience.  TPN will take you on a trip through the store and share some best practices for introducing new tech, how to deliver on a relevant and unique brand experience that exceeds expectations and continue to make the buy happen.