Future Stores Miami 2020

February 09 - 11, 2020

Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, FL

Day 1: Imagining The Store Of The Future

In true Future Stores fashion, we are exploring what the future holds for brick & mortar retailers in today’s increasingly digital age. We have answers for your questions around which tech is best for your stores, how to cater to the ever-changing preferences of today’s consumers, how (and if) to expand your retail footprint. Come with you questions and leave with actionable ideas about how to future-proof your business.

7:00 am - 8:00 am Registration And Continental Breakfast In The Innovation Lab

8:00 am - 8:10 am Welcome Remarks & Icebreaker

Kristin Schoenstein, Program Director at Future Stores

Kristin Schoenstein

Program Director
Future Stores

8:10 am - 8:25 am Chairperson’s Opening Address

Matt Alexander, CEO & Co-Founder at Neighborhood Goods

Matt Alexander

CEO & Co-Founder
Neighborhood Goods

Ashley Shelton Congor, Chief of Staff at Neighborhood Goods

Ashley Shelton Congor

Chief of Staff
Neighborhood Goods

Jordyn Holman, Retail Reporter at Bloomberg News

Jordyn Holman

Retail Reporter
Bloomberg News

8:45 am - 9:10 am Keynote Case Study

Zak Normandin, Co-Founder and CEO at Iris Nova

Zak Normandin

Co-Founder and CEO
Iris Nova

9:10 am - 9:40 am (Keynote) Future Stores Tonight: Crystal Ball Session: Envisioning The Store Of The Future

The store of the future will be a reflection of the modern consumer’s growing dependence on technology and their desire for personalized experiences. But what exactly will that look like and how can you prepare yourself to succeed in this climate? Does success require acceptance of the “growth mindset” as our panelist, Gene Lunger, hypothesizes. Or is the answer a different idea altogether. During this crystal ball session, our panelists will look into the future of retail and provide insights for:
  • Determining which technologies are just novel inventions and which will stand the test of time
  • Defining what ‘innovation’ means and outlining the role of innovation in the store of the future
  • Predicting the changing role of store associates as tasks become increasingly automated and stores become increasingly digitized
  • Deciding which technology investments, organization structure changes, and brand developments will best prepare you for the store of the future
Gene Lunger, EVP, Licensee Operations, Business Development & Retail Education at Ashley Homestore

Gene Lunger

EVP, Licensee Operations, Business Development & Retail Education
Ashley Homestore

Michelle Zhao, VP, Retail Expansion at Rebag

Michelle Zhao

VP, Retail Expansion

Vishal Purohit, Founder & CEO at Wooqer

Vishal Purohit

Founder & CEO

9:40 am - 10:30 am Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The Innovation Lab

Join us for our first networking & refreshments break of the conference! Grab a coffee and a snack, then take a tour of the curated array of solutions, softwares, and services on display in our Innovation Lab!

10:30 am - 10:50 am Keynote: Leadership And The Growth Mindset

Gene Lunger, EVP, Licensee Operations, Business Development & Retail Education at Ashley Homestore

Gene Lunger

EVP, Licensee Operations, Business Development & Retail Education
Ashley Homestore

10:50 am - 11:10 am Keynote Case Study: Fueling The Future With Next-Generation Retail Experiences

Join us for this keynote session as we explore how Hypno is :
  • Harnessing the power of machine learning, augmented reality, computer vision, and cutting edge creative
  • Capturing and measurinf branded content & driving conversion from offline to online
  • Providing actionable data insights and generating CRM opportunities

Executive, Hypno
Retail experts and reporters have long been calling for the death of the term ‘omnichannel,’ and a suitable replacement is finally here (and no, it’s not ‘unified commerce’). Say hello to the next iteration of omnichannel: Harmonized Retail. So what does it mean and how does it differ from other industry? Join executives from  Ministry of Supply, Best Buy, and more for a session that explores how you can achieve harmonized retail by:
  • Ensuring that your channels look, feel, and operate as you need them to, while remaining in harmony with one another, rather than forcing them to offer duplicated experiences 
  • Ensuring the KPIs that measure the success of your stores and online channels are separate  to avoid incorrectly attributing sales to one or the other
  • Eliminating discordant notes (friction points) that are impeding your customer’s journey
  • Encouraging interaction between channels rather than integrating them into one experience
  • Harnessing the power of Harmonized Retail to meet and exceed the ever-increasing expectations of today’s consumers

Brian Kennedy, VP, Operations at Ministry of Supply

Brian Kennedy

VP, Operations
Ministry of Supply

Shari Rossow, VP, Retail Operations & In-Store Services at Best Buy Co

Shari Rossow

VP, Retail Operations & In-Store Services
Best Buy Co

Andrew Neelon, Director, Director of Real Estate & Strategy, Digital Consumer Brands at Walmart eCommerce

Andrew Neelon

Director, Director of Real Estate & Strategy, Digital Consumer Brands
Walmart eCommerce

11:40 am - 12:00 pm Keynote Case Study: Harmonic Retail™ – Omnichannel Evolved... What That Means And How To Apply For You & Your Shopper

We are all aware the retail business model has flipped, yet we are still trying to rearrange the
same operational and experiential pieces for a different outcome.
Digital is now the epicenter of every retailer and brand, no longer a companion or extension.
At home, on the go, in store. The quest for maximum lifetime customer value is at its pinnacle.
Activating elements of Harmonic Retail™ is the way of this future––today. Harmonic Retail™ as seen in Forbes.  All Harmonic Retail™ participants will stay engaged and leave with actionable insights
that can be applied immediately and directly connected to life-time customer value.

  • Fundamental truths of Harmonic Retail™ -AND- what to activate in the next 1-3 quarters to outperform the competitive landscape
  • Maybe a surprise or two
  • If you really want specifics, here are just a few:
o Why & how the store of the future is not a store...but is still physical
o Single most important KPI is for retail today & tomorrow
o Who is already harmonizing with their customers
o Litmus test to see how you are currently driving Harmonic Retail™ with your brand

DeAnn Campbell, VP, Research & Planning at Harbor Retail

DeAnn Campbell

VP, Research & Planning
Harbor Retail

12:00 pm - 12:25 pm Keynote Presentation: Bringing Design Thinking to Omni-Channel Retail

As digital and physical retail touchpoints co-exist in our mobilized world, Walgreens strives to create a consistent, high-quality customer experience across channels. Design thinking holds the key to making it happen. The team at Walgreens is evangelizing practices like customer journey mapping, co-design with customers, and iterative ideate-prototype-test cycles. This flavor of innovation has been part of their digital practice from the beginning, and now they are extending it to the store experience that’s been around since 1901. This keynote presentation will walk through some real-life examples of how they have succeeded (and sometimes failed) at bringing new products and services to the market. You’ll leave invigorated to rethink how you are innovating in your brick and mortar spaces. 
John Yesko, Head of User Experience & Design at Walgreens

John Yesko

Head of User Experience & Design

Want to meet others that share your pain points and brainstorm collaborative solutions? Look no further than our interactive retailer-only Toolbox Talks! You’ll hear  from an industry table leader around how they’ve solved a specific challenge, and learn from others at the roundtable as well. These small-group roundtable discussions are 25 minutes long, so you can choose TWO to attend. 

Topic 1: Personalizing The Customer Experience To Generate Growth
Hosted By: James Greene, Retail Industry Executive, OKI Data

Topic 2: Using Your Store For More: Creating A Community Space For Shoppers
Hosted By: Jordan Ekers, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer, Nudge Rewards

Topic 3: Operationalizing AI For Retailers: How To Leverage AI To Increase Shelf Compliance
Hosted By: Collin Mechler, Director, Field Technology and Solution Architecture, Element AI

Topic 4: Troubleshooting Incompatible Store Systems (placeholder)
Hosted By: Fabrice Haiat, CEO, Yoobic

Topic 5: Understanding Store Success Through Online Sales
Hosted By: Executive, AllPoint POS

Topic 6: Apocalypse Or Opportunity: It May Be A Retail Renaissance

Topic 7: The Treasure-Hunt Technique: Offering Exclusive Assortments & Unexpected Discounts In Your Stores

Topic 8: Managing Mean Tweets: How To Turn Public Store Complaints Into An Opportunity For Meaningful Brand Engagement

Topic 9: Star Power To Drive Store Performance: Generating Buzz, Driving Foot Traffic, And Bolstering Brand Relationships Using Influencers

Topic 10: Alexa As An Associate: Using Voice-Enabled Tech To Drive In-Store Engagement
James Greene, Retail Industry Executive at OKI Data

James Greene

Retail Industry Executive
OKI Data

Jordan Ekers, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer at Nudge Rewards

Jordan Ekers

Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer
Nudge Rewards

Fabrice Haiat


Collin Mechler, Director, Field Technology and Solution Architecture at Element AI

Collin Mechler

Director, Field Technology and Solution Architecture
Element AI

1:15 pm - 2:15 pm Lunch For All Attendees

1:15 pm - 2:15 pm Private Lunch

Track A: Optimizing Omnichannel & Retail Operations

2:15 pm - 2:25 pm Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Alex Otañez, COO at Shockoe

Alex Otañez


Track A: Optimizing Omnichannel & Retail Operations

2:25 pm - 2:55 pm Case Study: Evolution Through Innovation: DSW’s Omnichannel Journey
DSW’s approach to retail is setting the industry standard for both innovation and excellence in omnichannel. Join us as their team explores their most recent initiatives and evaluates:
  • Where the omnichannel path has led thus far
  • The evolving role of mobile technology in all elements of the customer (and associate) experience
  • Lessons learned through their omnichannel journey (and pitfalls you can avoid)
  • A roadmap for their continued evolution
Chris Rehkopf, Manager, Store Operations - New Initiatives & Tests at Designer Brands

Chris Rehkopf

Manager, Store Operations - New Initiatives & Tests
Designer Brands

Kari Harkins, Sr. Director, Store Operations at Designer Brands

Kari Harkins

Sr. Director, Store Operations
Designer Brands

Track B: Store Design & Experiential Retail

2:15 pm - 2:25 pm Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Tom Ertler, SVP Design Director LEED AP at Miller Zell

Tom Ertler

SVP Design Director LEED AP
Miller Zell

Track B: Store Design & Experiential Retail

2:25 pm - 2:55 pm Case Study Revolution: How Levi’s Is Innovating Our Consumer Experience In Stores
Levi’s has been in existence since the 1850’s, but the brand does not let legacy and tradition stand in the way of innovation. Most recently, the Levi’s team has been designing, developing, and market testing with Proof of Concept to develop a totally new Levi’s store. Join Jeffrey Eggert-Peluso as he explores:
  • The process of ideating a 360 concept that takes Levi’s several steps forward to a connective Levi’s experience for our consumers. 
  • The collaboration process with connected stakeholders in product, merchandising, brand, marketing, commercial retail, real estate, indirect procurement, retail design, construction, product presentation, consumer insights, data, Omni-channel, technology, sustainability and innovation
  • Best practices for reimagining your retail concept
Jeffrey Eggert-Peluso, VP, Global Store Design at Levi Strauss & Co.

Jeffrey Eggert-Peluso

VP, Global Store Design
Levi Strauss & Co.

Retailer-Only Campfire Chats

2:15 pm - 2:55 pm Campfire Chat #1: Putting Down Roots: Tips For Growing In The Offline Retail Landscape As An eCommerce-First Company
Campfire chats kick off with opening remarks from the session host, followed by networking and idea sharing around their chosen topic. Sit around the ‘campfire’ and learn from a retail innovator. 

[solidcore] has pioneered a totally new way of exercising, basing it’s classes on slow and controlled resistance training to totally transform clients’ bodies. Join Heidi as she charts their path of growth from a one location fitness studio to a brand with 50 locations across 15 states.

Heidi Guerard, Head of Studio Development at [solidcore]

Heidi Guerard

Head of Studio Development

Track A: Optimizing Omnichannel & Retail Operations

2:55 pm - 3:05 pm Client Case Study Innovation Spotlight
Hear the latest from a leading in-store technology expert during this spotlight session.  

Track A: Optimizing Omnichannel & Retail Operations

3:05 pm - 3:15 pm Client Case Study Innovation Spotlight
Hear the latest from a leading in-store technology expert during this spotlight session.  

Track A: Optimizing Omnichannel & Retail Operations

3:15 pm - 3:45 pm Panel Discussion Remix: Building A Foundation For Success: Exploring Organizational Structures That Support Your Omnichannel Goals
Creating a seamless omnichannel experience for your customers across all channels and touchpoints requires not only innovative thinking, but also seamless cross-departmental collaboration. Whether you are clicks-to-bricks like Adore Me or a more traditional retailer, the foundation  to have this type of collaboration begins with aligning internally. This group panel session will cover:
  • Identifying the (potential) role of omnichannel in your business
  • Conducting sufficient testing and validation of omnichannel initiatives before seeking company-wide buy in for these initiatives
  • Succinctly defining the KPI’s that can be used to understand and justify continued investment in those initiatives
  • Modeling your internal culture and organizational processes around the same seamless integration that you want for your customers

Track B: Store Design & Experiential Retail

2:55 pm - 3:15 pm Case Study: Winning Digital Transformation at Retail
Technology has shifted the retail paradigm, giving rise to a new set of expectations that will shape the world we live in. It’s inspired a renaissance defined by new shopper expectations, evergreen innovation, and increasingly elevated experiences. 

Don’t read too much into the stories about the death of physical retail though – it’s still where 85-90% of shoppers go to buy and represents over $2.5T in value. The retail store today is more important than ever.
Yet according to part-one of our landmark “Shop Sense” study for 2020, many retailers and brands are struggling to deliver the intuitive, engaging, effortlessly seamless experiences that shoppers seek, and reward.

Join us as we discuss how shoppers indicate digital is changing the game at physical retail, and the ways in which brands and their retail partners can accelerate growth in the age of digital transformation.
Ben Watkins, VP, Strategy at ChaseDesign

Ben Watkins

VP, Strategy

Track B: Store Design & Experiential Retail

3:15 pm - 3:45 pm Panel Discussion Remix: Success By Design: Using Effective Design Techniques To Shape The Ultimate Customer Journey
So much thought and emphasis is put on the rise of technology in physical retail that we oftentimes overlook the fundamental design elements and techniques that define a customer’s experience. Whether you’re selling jewelry, furnishings, or exercise classes, as is the case with our panelists, the challenge is the same. Learn from retail experts from Pandora, Snowe, White House Black Market, and Solidcore as they take you back to design basics and explore:
  • Selecting lighting fixtures, music / ambient sounds, art, and other design elements that support and inform your brand concept and customer experience
  • Configuring the size, shape, capacity and flow of your shopping area to create a compelling environment that is simultaneously efficient and dwell-worthy to drive customer satisfaction and repeat visits
  • Including conveniences like coat-checks, dedicated waiting areas, and spacious, tech-enabled dressing rooms to elevate brand experiences
  • Studying how your customer moves through and interacts with your store’s physical space to discover and smooth over areas of friction and inefficiency and create a seamless customer experience
Rachel Cohen, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at SNOWE

Rachel Cohen

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Jeff Matthews, Director, Store Design and Construction at PANDORA Americas

Jeff Matthews

Director, Store Design and Construction
PANDORA Americas

Heidi Guerard, Head of Studio Development at [solidcore]

Heidi Guerard

Head of Studio Development

Michele La Grego, Sr. Director, Marketing, Visual, Retail Experience at White House Black Market

Michele La Grego

Sr. Director, Marketing, Visual, Retail Experience
White House Black Market

Retailer-Only Campfire Chats

2:55 pm - 3:45 pm Campfire Chat #2: Using Your Store For More: Creating An Experiential Space For Shoppers
Almost every store with a brick & mortar location also has a website, so how do you drive shoppers into your physical stores when they could just as easily shop online? This session will explore ways to make the offline experience essential including and will offer insights from Office Depot.
Calvin Chung, SVP, Chief Development Officer at Office Depot

Calvin Chung

SVP, Chief Development Officer
Office Depot

3:45 pm - 4:30 pm Networking And Refreshment Break In The Innovation Lab

Re-caffeinate and enjoy some afternoon snacks during our afternoon networking break! This is a good time to share learnings with your fellow attendees, and forge new professional connections!

Track A: Optimizing Omnichannel & Retail Operations

4:30 pm - 4:55 pm Case Study: The Key To A Successful Operational Technology Rollout: Your Front Line Associates
The introduction of new consumer-facing retail technologies like VR, kiosks, and interactive displays in a store can be met with ambivalence (if not outright resistance) from your store associates. This session will explore strategies for seamlessly integrating new retail technologies into your stores and ensuring employee adoption. We will cover:
  • Identifying, training and rewarding employees who are early-adopters to turn them into technology leaders and advocates
  • Using a single location as an incubation lab to test systems and collect feedback before further developing innovations
  • Winning over ‘veteran’ employees by integrating new technologies into legacy store system and processes 
  • Evolving your hiring and training processes to cultivate a team that is adaptable to new technology
  • Enabling employees to build better customer relationships and make more sales by giving them the technology support they need
  • Providing ongoing support and training to associates to mitigate confusion and eliminate frustrations
  • Involving your associates in the selection, integration, and rollout of store technologies to ensure full buy-in and seamless roll-outs across your stores 

Track A: Optimizing Omnichannel & Retail Operations

4:55 pm - 5:05 pm Client Case Study Innovation Spotlight
Hear the latest from a leading in-store technology expert during this spotlight session.  

Track A: Optimizing Omnichannel & Retail Operations

5:05 pm - 5:30 pm Future Stores Tonight: Back To Basics: Streamlining Store Operations To Enhance The Customer Experience
Before you begin upgrading or innovating on your store concepts, it is first necessary that you have streamlined, consolidated and optimized operations. Technology updates, changes to workforce management, and even physical reconfigurations in your store will be difficult if not impossible to implement unless your operations are in order. This session will explore best practices for:
  • Synthesizing your operating systems to bring your POS, CRM, and workforce management processes under one roof to eliminate system incompatibility
  • Selecting the right technology partner(s) for streamlining 
  • Ensuring compatibility between all elements of your store’s operations systems (or doing it in-house)
  • Utilizing historical customer data as well as your workforce to accurately anticipate and plan for changes in all areas of your store operations

Track B: Store Design & Experiential Retail

4:30 pm - 4:55 pm Case Study: How Fit:Match Is Proactively Fixing A Broken Apparel Shopping Journey By Using Accurate Fit-Based Personalization
We define the term “fit risk” as vast areas of uncertainty in the apparel shopping journey related to fit, that results in a hit or miss experience for shoppers and negatively impacts retail economics for brands. Recently, a high growth $1B apparel online retailer disclosed that its return rate has surpassed 50% and management acknowledged a vast majority of that figure was due to fit risk.

FIT:MATCH is an online/offline apparel shopping platform that uses 3D-AI technology to eliminate fit risk for both shoppers and brands. The proprietary AI-powered technology called Fitch, proactively shows shoppers only apparel products that fit them 90% or better, and hides the ones that don’t fit. We also provide brands a powerful first-of-its-kind personalized marketing platform, enabling them to target individual customers based on accurate biometric data and fit preferences.

This talk will explore:
  • Why the shopping journey is fundamentally broken and requires a transformative, proactive solution to fix it
  • How Fit:Match works, our momentum so far, our collaboration with the real estate community and our growth plans
  • The power of accurate fit-based personalization for shoppers
  • How we offer brands a new way to market to customers that is not only more precise, but also 300% more profitable than digital channels like Google and Facebook
Haniff Brown, Co-Founder at Graupel

Haniff Brown


Track B: Store Design & Experiential Retail

4:55 pm - 5:05 pm Client Case Study Innovation Spotlight
Hear the latest from a leading in-store technology expert during this spotlight session.  

Track B: Store Design & Experiential Retail

5:05 pm - 5:30 pm Future Stores Tonight:What Are Your Stores For? (Re)defining The Purpose Of Physical Retail
Before you make any big investments into your brick & mortar stores, it is important to identify what exactly your stores are here for. Whether your customers want better light to see jewelry sparkle in or a dedicated area for their working and printing needs, you must cater to their preferences.Redeveloping without knowing what you want them to achieve will inevitably result in lost time and money without much of a return on either. This session will explore:
  • Garnering insights from store associates about how your store is actually being used by customers 
  • Observing customer behaviors such as try-on rates, returns, social media posting, dwell time and more to better understand customer wants and needs in-store
  • Accounting for changing trends around how customers shop without constantly chasing after the next best thing or hottest new technology
  • Evaluating which types of features, fixtures, events, installations, and product assortments to have in your stores based on a clear understanding of what brings customers there
Jason McNary, CEO - Americas at UNOde50

Jason McNary

CEO - Americas

Veronica Vejar, UX Lead, Mobile Apps at Office Depot

Veronica Vejar

UX Lead, Mobile Apps
Office Depot

Ann Moretuzzo, Global Store Planning & Layout Specialist at Timberland

Ann Moretuzzo

Global Store Planning & Layout Specialist

Women In Retail Chats and Cocktails

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Women In Retail Chats and Cocktails
Listen and be motivated by an accomplished group of female, retail thought leaders; then, cultivate new friendships with your peers in attendance.  This session is back by popular demand and has limited space, so please email kristin.schoenstein@wbresearch.com to reserve your space.
Rachel Cohen, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at SNOWE

Rachel Cohen

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Jennifer Stone Williams, Vice President, Retail Services at Perry Ellis International

Jennifer Stone Williams

Vice President, Retail Services
Perry Ellis International

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Future Stores Miami Welcome Reception

One of the best parts of Future Stores Miami are our amazing Miami-themed receptions! Join your peers and cultivate new relationships as you enjoy tasty cocktails and hors d'oeuvres in the Innovation Lab

6:30 pm - 6:30 pm End Of Day One