Future Stores Miami 2020

February 09 - 11, 2020

Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, FL

Day 2: Store Technology & Next Gen Customer Engagement

Next generation customer engagement is about bringing the best parts of online shopping alive in-store, without losting track of what draws your audience into your brick & mortar locations. We are exploring how store tech can be used by brands, associates, and their customers to create truly engaging customer experiences.

7:50 am - 8:20 am Continental Breakfast & Registration In The Innovation Lab

8:20 am - 8:25 am Welcome Remarks

Kristin Schoenstein, Program Director at Future Stores

Kristin Schoenstein

Program Director
Future Stores

8:25 am - 8:40 am Chairperson’s Opening Address

8:40 am - 9:05 am Keynote Presentation: A New Retail Format For Retail & Service: Lingerie + Dermatology

What happens when you bring together the best parts of lingerie shopping with top-of-the-line dermatology services? Retail magic. Join Guido Campello as he shares his vision for a totally new store concept that brings together Cosabella’s iconic lingerie with his wife’s dermatology practice. He will offer takeaways for innovating on existing brand concepts, fusing two ideas into one, and creating unforgettable retail experiences for your customers.
Guido Campello, CEO at Cosabella

Guido Campello


Dr. Sapna Palep, Co-Founder at Journelle

Dr. Sapna Palep


9:05 am - 9:35 am Keynote Panel Discussion: Establishing Where Tech Works Best: Fitting Technology Into Your Customer’s Journey

This session explores best practices for determining which elements of your customer’s journey can benefit from technological enhancements (and which may not). Join some of the brightest minds behind Best Buy’s and Macy’s consumer-facing and associate enablement technology experiences to discuss just this. This interactive group discussion will inform your understanding of:
  • Determining which elements of the customer journey require a person-to-person interaction and which can be supported using technology
  • Looking at customer feedback, social listening, and engagement metrics to determine exactly where in your customer journey technology might be able to replace a human interaction
  • Testing how customers feel about tech (such as digital ordering, stock room fulfilment from a robot, iPad usage by associates) in specific locations before rolling out to more stores
Lenny Stofsky, Director Of Engineering -- Consumer Mobile In Store at Macy's

Lenny Stofsky

Director Of Engineering -- Consumer Mobile In Store

9:35 am - 9:55 am Keynote Presentation: Exploring The Future Of Brick & Mobile Shopping With Foot Locker

Retailers everywhere are using in-store innovation to drive foot traffic and make their stores an irreplaceable touchpoint in the customer journey. Foot Locker is going a step beyond this by leveraging both their own innovative consumer engagement tactics as well as those of their retail partner Nike to create unforgettable brick & mobile shopping experiences. Join Foot Locker’s Head of Global Retail Design, Kambiz Hemati, as he discusses:
  • Foot Locker’s new design of community driven and highly localized retail experiences
  • How Nike’s technology is integrated within a new Powerstore in NYC
  • How purposeful digital intergration can boost both in-store engagement and sales-per-square-foot by engaging customers with interactive product information and unique buying experiences
  • The role of collaboration and innovation in modern retail
Kambiz Hemati, VP, Global Store Design at Foot Locker

Kambiz Hemati

VP, Global Store Design
Foot Locker

9:55 am - 10:40 am Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The Innovation Lab

Grab a tea, coffee, and snack during this morning's networking break in The Innovation Lab! It's our last day of the event, so make sure you bring your energy (and your business cards!) with you on our morning break

10:40 am - 11:10 am Keynote Case Study Remix: Changes, Changes, Everywhere: Beauty Activation in Mass Retail

There’s a seismic shift in the retail landscape. Beauty brands and mass retailers are leveraging deep insights and trends to create retail strategy for driving footfall & conversion. Join us to hear how and what brands and retailers need to consider to meet the needs of today and future shoppers.
Jackson Wang, VP, Retail Design at L'oreal

Jackson Wang

VP, Retail Design

11:10 am - 11:40 am Keynote Panel Remix: In With The New, Out With The Newly Outdated; How To Make Smarter Long-Term Store Tech Investments

There are always new and exciting technologies rolling out that promise to revolutionize your store operations and enhance your customer experience. So how do you sort out which tech will drive real value? You can wait to see what your competitors do and risk falling behind them, or can you lead the charge at the risk of making an expensive mis-step. This session will help you avoid both of these scenarios and provide actionable takeaways for making smarter technology choices by:
  • Assessing the compatibility of your legacy systems with new technologies to anticipate and avoid integration issues with new tech
  • Determining whether to ‘build it’ or ‘buy it’ based on your budget, the complexity of the solution, and your timeline
  • Determining when you need technology for “flair” or for function and ensuring to avoid tech that is advanced but doesn’t do much
  • Working with your front-line employees and store associates to ensure that the tech that you select is not only impactful, but also easy to operate and update
Haniff Brown, Co-Founder at Graupel

Haniff Brown


Harley Ward, Retail Innovation, Visual Merchandising and Environment Design at AT&T Wireless

Harley Ward

Retail Innovation, Visual Merchandising and Environment Design
AT&T Wireless

Katherine Dela Cruz, Director of Retail Operations at Fabletics

Katherine Dela Cruz

Director of Retail Operations

11:40 am - 12:10 pm Guest Speaker: Technology, Change Management And The Guest Experience

What do the internet, the iPhone and MyMagic+ have in common?  Each has revolutionized the retail industry.  With technology changing at the speed of light, what makes some companies successful at rolling out new technologies? Is it magic?  In this conversation, you will dive into change management utilized on the front lines of Disney and beyond and discover why some companies are successful and how their success continues to ripple through the Customer experience. 

Key Messages:
  • Learn why technology should not be the first answer to improving your Customer's Experience
  • Learn why the most effective technology inspires customer buy in
  • Understand the importance of having employees embrace new ideas during times of change

Summer Jelinek, Chief Hospitality Officer at Summer Speaks

Summer Jelinek

Chief Hospitality Officer
Summer Speaks

10:40 am - 12:10 pm Invite-Only VP Think Tank

This is your opportunity to gain honest feedback, debate strategic ideas and share high level insights in a closed door forum with your fellow retail executives. This is an invitation-only session. If you wish to participate or would like to nominate yourself or a colleague, please contact: Kristin.schoenstein@wbresearch.com

12:10 pm - 1:10 pm Lunch For All Attendees

12:10 pm - 1:10 pm Private Lunch

Track A: The Store Associate Of The Future

1:10 pm - 1:20 pm Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Jordan Ekers, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer at Nudge Rewards

Jordan Ekers

Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer
Nudge Rewards

Track A: The Store Associate Of The Future

1:20 pm - 1:45 pm Case Study: Creating Amazing Customer Experiences Through Employees
Your employees are creating and delivering experiences every day that impact the customer experience regardless of how they interact with your company whether it is in-person, online, on the phone or on chat. Your employee’s experience is critical, as it translates to the experiences and interactions your customers have with your brand. Join April Wagner as she shares the importance of:
  • The employee and customer experience impact on your company goals
  • Setting a customer experience vision for employees to know what customers expect
  • Building a customer obsessed culture
  • Creating and delivering on the customer experience through your employees  
April Wagner, Sr. Director, Customer Experience Strategy & Transformation at Best Buy

April Wagner

Sr. Director, Customer Experience Strategy & Transformation
Best Buy

Track B: Personalization & Customer Engagement

1:10 pm - 1:20 pm Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Track B: Personalization & Customer Engagement

1:20 pm - 1:45 pm Case Study Presentation: Navigating The Retail Disruption As A Branded Retailer
Every single day we are inundated with news stories about one retailer or the other doing something new & cool. The pace of disruption is exhausting, and the sheer variation of topics can be overwhelming. Most branded retailers have limited resources focused on the future of retail as the majority of research, strategy & innovation resources go into the brand and the product/service portfolio. Join this session to:
  • Learn some tips & tricks to simplify the ‘noise’ and gain clarity of focus
  • Discuss digital retail – what’s trending, what’s important and how to prioritize
  • Hear about branded retailers who are getting it right, and what we can learn from them
  • Think about the bigger picture and long-term view of retail, rather than discuss short-term tactics & operations
Worth Darling, Director of Innovation at Vans

Worth Darling

Director of Innovation

World Café Roundtables & Unconference Sessions

1:10 pm - 1:45 pm World Café Interactive Roundtables
Join our brand new interactive hosted roundtables during the Future Stores Miami World Café! Meet tons of your peers as you participate in different roundtable sessions. You’ll rotate to different roundtables – three in total, and join in the conversation.  Your roundtables will kick off with questions around store design and store operations, and at the end of the session, table representatives will report back key findings from their conversations. You’ll network, learn and make connections! 
Shari Rossow, VP, Retail Operations & In-Store Services at Best Buy Co

Shari Rossow

VP, Retail Operations & In-Store Services
Best Buy Co

Imran Patel, Head of Business Development at Quip

Imran Patel

Head of Business Development

Track A: The Store Associate Of The Future

1:45 pm - 1:55 pm Client Case Study Innovation Spotlight
Hear the latest from a leading in-store technology expert during this spotlight session.  

Track A: The Store Associate Of The Future

1:55 pm - 2:25 pm Panel Discussion Remix: Panel: Attracting & Retaining Associates In Today’s Competitive Retail Landscape
Unemployment is down and wages are up, which means store associates are in the driver’s seat when it comes to the talent acquisition process. Competition amongst retailers is stiff, but it is possible to stand out from the pack if you offer the right incentives and work culture. This session will offer takeaways from top retailers like Chubbies and Perry Ellis for:
  • Offering competitive commission rates that acknowledge the role that associates play in some online sales
  • Designing a digital curriculum for associates that allows them to reference their training materials without having to keep track of paper binders and booklets
  • Creating a flexible work environment where workers can connect, trade shifts, share challenges, and request support wherever needed
  • Utilizing direct input from associates to cater ongoing trainings to the types of skills and disciplines they  are most interested in and using employee concerns and feedback to shape ongoing store operations
  • Driving loyalty with your associates by creating the same supportive community that you offer to your customers 
Lindsay Leaver, Director, Channel Development at Daily Harvest

Lindsay Leaver

Director, Channel Development
Daily Harvest

Jennifer Stone Williams, Vice President, Retail Services at Perry Ellis International

Jennifer Stone Williams

Vice President, Retail Services
Perry Ellis International

Track B: Personalization & Customer Engagement

1:45 pm - 1:55 pm Client Case Study Innovation Spotlight
Hear the latest from a leading in-store technology expert during this spotlight session.  

Track B: Personalization & Customer Engagement

1:55 pm - 2:25 pm Panel Discussion Remix: Driving Loyalty Through Thoughtful & Personalized Store Experiences
Personalized and thoughtful brand experiences are the new normal for shoppers both in-store and in digital touchpoints, but too much personalization can make customers feel uncomfortable and possibly even violate their trust. So how do you increase loyalty without getting too close for comfort? And is personalization even needed to drive loyalty? Our execs from Eloquii, Labo, and more will evaluate different methods and degrees of personalization and instruct you on methods for:
  • Identifying and expanding upon the initiatives and brand communications that are currently driving loyalty at your stores
  • Testing different personalization strategies to identify which is the most effective to increase revenue and loyalty
  • Considering weather, time of day, relevant current events and other public information to cater to unspoken customer needs in a noninvasive manner
  • Demonstrating transparency in your personalization efforts to illustrate how and why you are personalizing a customer’s experience 
  • Creating thoughtful, personalized brand experiences that drive loyalty and increase customer lifetime value
Alexandre Allard, Director, Operations at Le Labo

Alexandre Allard

Director, Operations
Le Labo

Anna Johnson, Head of Retail Operations at Tuft & Needle

Anna Johnson

Head of Retail Operations
Tuft & Needle

World Café Roundtables & Unconference Sessions

1:45 pm - 2:25 pm Unconference Session
This session is centered around topics that YOU choose! Attendees vote on focus areas for the session host to focus on in this intimate networking & idea-sharing session

2:25 pm - 3:10 pm Afternoon Refreshment And Networking Break In The Innovation Lab And Store Tour Registration

3:10 pm - 5:10 pm Store Tour #3: Brickell City Centre Walking Tour

A tour so nice, we’re doing it twice! You can choose to tour the Brickell City Centre on Sunday 2/9 at 3:30PM OR Tuesday 2/11 at 3:30PM. Planned stops for the TUESDAY walking tour include:

1. Acqua Di Parma - The famed luxury fragrance brand has a handful of locations around the world in places like Rome, Paris, Dubai, and Milian and just one in North America, located within the Brickell Centre. Our tour will explore how the brand harnesses the powerful and emotive nature of fragrance to build customer relationships and boost in-store sales.

2. Tommy Bahama - Discover Tommy Bahama’s approach to ‘living the island life’ during a guided tour through their Brickell outpost. We will be learning about how bringing an element of play to your store experience can engage customers in the long term, as they seek an escape from standard and stale retail experiences.

3. Aesop - The Brickell outpost of Aesop was created in partnership with Mlkk Studio. The store takes its cues from a sense of the familiar: the backyard in summertime, home to neighbourly barbeques and sunbathing. Join us for a tour of the store and learn more about how Aesopp draws customers in and converts foot-traffic into sales.

1:10 pm - 3:10 pm Store Tour #4: Rebag, Miami Design District

Join us for a tour of ReBag’s newest location in the Miami Design District! The second-hand marketplace allows shoppers with an appetite for luxury designer handbags to find gently used bags at a discount and consign their own luxury purses. We will be checking out the store’s infamous Birkin wall as well as their mural from local Miami artist, Andrea von Bujdoss. You’ll learn about the companies clicks to bricks journey and unique approach to expanding their store footprint (and customer base).

5:10 pm - 5:10 pm Conclusion Of Future Stores Miami 2020/End of Store Tours

We bid you all farewell and hope to see you back again in February 2021 for the 5th annual Future Stores Miami Conference!