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February 05 - 07, 2019

JW Marriott Miami, FL

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At Future Stores, we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Below we have a few of our most popular whitepapers and case studies.

Here's How Shinola Detroit is Rolling up its Sleeves to Create Unique In-Store Experiences

The most exciting developments to come out of the Roll Up Our Sleeves project were the changes made to the in-store customer experience .

How Best Buy is Teaming Up with the Technology World to Take the Fight to Amazon

How did Best Buy go from a downward spiral, to driving Amazon back, to performing better than anyone expected?

Costco is Causing a Wholesale Craze With This Counterintuitive Retail Strategy

Innovation has clearly been ingrained in Costco’s DNA from the start, and it’s something the company has sought to continue as it moves towards the future.

Starbucks is Roasting the Competition by... Closing its eStore?

While the move may have left some in the industry scratching their heads, it does make sense.

Today At Apple: Creating the Town Square of Tomorrow, Today

If the first major redesign of the store wasn’t enough, Apple is also bringing its customers together for a host of special experiences being dubbed, "Today at Apple".

How Walmart Is Harnessing Technology to Create the Next-Gen Superstore

Walmart is looking for other ways to leverage digital technology to empower their stores and employees to deliver first-class in-store customer service.

Here's How CVS is Using Technology to Grow their Healthcare Service to Epic Proportions

CVS is now looking to overhaul their entire medical records system with software developed by industry leaders, Epic.

How Home Depot Is Meeting the Evolving Needs of Contractors and Consumers In-store

It may be one of the largest and fastest-growing ecommerce retailers in the US, but delivering an unbeatable in-store experience remains the top priority for Home Depot.

Merging Brick and Click for a Better Shopping Experience

How Neiman Marcus created a personalized online experience in the store with beacons & Apple Wallet.

Lowe's is Augmenting Retail Reality with VR & Robot Assistants

Discover how Lowe's is innovating the in-store experience with a sci-fi twist.

Can Amazon Go Disrupt In-Store Retail?

The new checkout-free convenience store is in prime position to shake up in-store grocery shopping.

“Walmart Pay” App Could Win The War for Your Digital Wallet

The potential for a store like Walmart to succeed with the digital wallet, where Apple Pay is proving to struggle, is huge.

How Macy's "Pick to the Last Unit" Program Revolutionizes Inventory Management

Macy's proves that accurate inventory is the single thing retailers have got to get right for everything else to work.