Online Store 'Adore Me' Transitions into Physical Retail

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Many brands are opting to complete transactions in an online space, choosing not to have physical stores to operate in.

Companies often see brick and mortar as a waste of resources because they have to pay for the premises, pay staff to operate the store, and pay for the stock that they sell - only for physical stores to experience significantly less footfall than their internet-based equivalents. Online retail eliminates many of these costs. Customers are free to browse the website at their own leisure - wherever in the world they may be.

However, this does mean the businesses which are choosing to only operate in an ecommerce space are missing out on the benefits physical retail brings with it. Physical retail means that customers can try on clothes and handle products before they buy them. Meanwhile, employees can pick up on non-verbal communications from the customer and try to promote upsells and other impulse buys.

Lingerie company, Adore Me, started off their business journey selling exclusively online. The company has recently started bucking the trend of being an online-only store, instead opening physical retail locations to operate alongside its ecommerce presence.

Bucking the Trend

Adore Me has plans to fundamentally change the way in which women shop for lingerie. At the heart of this change of strategy is hundreds of new physical locations outfitted with high-tech amenities and advanced-level service.

Branching into physical retail isn't something that many companies are doing. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Brands are tending to forgo their retail locations and choosing not to focus their attention on the physical shopping experience but rather to operate mainly in the ecommerce space. However, Adore Me has revealed it would be rolling out 200-300 stores across the US over the next five years.

Adore Me is bringing aspects of its online experience into its stores as a means of reaping the benefits of both methods of retail. The company's first flagship store opened early in the summer of 2019, complete with a lingerie bar, light refreshments, and fitting rooms equipped with 'smart mirrors' that make it simple to request additional sizes right from your dressing room. Technologically advanced devices such as the smart mirrors aren't just a novelty, either. Customers are more likely to use the stores again due to the experience they provide.

The stores' smart fitting rooms use RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags on items, which are connected to the smart mirrors, enabling them to display additional product information, recommend similar products, and even send out a request for store personnel to bring another item into the fitting room or offer some other form of assistance.

Adore Me and Technology

Adore Me has so far managed to succeed where traditional brands have stalled thanks to its unique selling points, including a wide range of sizes, the availability of plus sizes, and its focus on comfort and quality. All these practical elements help set it apart from its competitors.

The brand is now pushing the boundaries further and applying machine learning and language analysis technology to find trends which can then be turned into actionable intelligence to inform its product development teams.

Adore me started out as an online-only outlet seeking to disrupt the women's intimates market with robust customer service and a great product catalogue, all the while maintaining its low prices. The physical retail element it is in the process of introducing is simply the next step in this.

The brand has found that applying analytics to customer reviews is an effective way to glean valuable product intelligence. Adore Me takes this information into consideration in terms of the creation of new products, all based on customer feedback. The physical stores can then sell customers data-influenced products with the help of the latest technology, knowing that what they are selling is exactly what the customer wants.

"Adore Me is an agile startup, and we see a negative review as an opportunity to make the customer satisfied," said Adore Me's Vice President of Customer Engagement, Nicolas Capuno.

Adore Me has been one of the most innovative companies to date to utilize disruptive customer experience technology. This dates all the way back to 2017 when it was one of the first retailers to enable customer chat using Facebook messenger, allowing customers to interact with Adore Me agents through social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

Adore Me is using new technologies to buck trends, create a smoother customer experience, and develop themselves as a brand. Branching into the physical retail space is a bold move and we'll all be watching to see how things pan out for the innovative brand.

You can hear Adore Me's Head of Retail Development, Steve Lovell, speak at Future Stores Miami 2020, being held in February, at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, FL.

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