Here's How HoloMe Is Bringing Next Generation AR Tech to Fashion Retail

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Augmented reality has been a hot topic in recent years. Ever since Pokemon Go! brought the technology to the masses, it has grown from an amusing novelty to a powerful tool in the digital marketer's toolkit.

The technology is now being used in almost every corner of global industry — from allowing field service engineers to superimpose schematics over real-world machines, to providing athletes with a heads-up display through which they can view essential statistics on their performance in real time. However, augmented reality tech is also finding a home in retail, where it's providing shoppers with next-generation customer experiences.

Fresh startup HoloMe is one brand which has been developing its own augmented reality technology platform designed to delight consumers looking to access the latest clothing fashions, and it's already making serious moves with some top brands.


At the core of HoloMe's offering is a sleek and lightweight smartphone app which enables clothing shoppers to virtually try on the latest fashions, without the need for a changing room.

"The ability to tailor a user's environment to reflect the emotion, information or experience a brand wants to elicit, is an extremely powerful tool for driving customer acquisition and conversion," said HoloMe in a blog post. "HoloMe is ready to showcase the first use of virtual model holograms in the fashion industry. Customers are going to experience human holograms modeling clothing products in their own home or chosen environment. This has helped create an interactive checkout experience and thus improves conversion rates."

HoloMe works with all mobile platforms including Android and iOS and doesn't require any special equipment, beyond a smartphone with a camera, to make use of. It boasts a simple interface and some of the highest quality augmented reality human models possible with current technology.

Customers simply capture their image with their smartphones, process it using the simple to operate and intuitive digital portal, and then loop in with any existing CMS for a streamlined experience. They are then able to scroll through clothing options and have them superimposed onto their real-life image. Designed to operate in physical retail locations, in ecommerce situations, and of course to provide exciting omnichannel experiences by blending the two.

"By being on the cutting edge of AR technology in your industry, your business will benefit from customers viewing your brand as an innovator and will direct their attention to your site to experience the brand-new technology," continues HoloMe. "AR technologies are providing your business the ability to generate excitement around and engagement with the products or services you are offing, all while helping to create a unique and impactful brand experience."

Augmented Reality

As a proof of concept for its innovative technology, HoloMe recently worked with the London College of Fashion's Innovation Agency to present selected collections of London College of Fashion MA graduates and stream the resultant fashion show to a global audience.

Most augmented reality experiences rely on pre-recorded footage being superimposed onto the environment, but the HoloMe fashion show was different in that it allowed a live performance to be projected in the same way. Models were filmed in front of a green screen catwalk before they stepped out onto the runway at the Queen Elizabeth II building in Westminster, London.

"Geography is one of the main reasons why the runway fashion show format has lost favor in recent years," reports Forbes. "The traditional runway presents limited opportunities to tap global audiences unless technology is leveraged to share it beyond its physical bounds. What if we could bring the show to us, making it our own personal experience? In a world of technology providing new experiences that elevate the goings-on in our physical world, adding a layer of 'virtuality' is bringing a new spin to fashion week."

Not only can HoloMe's technology bring the world of runway fashion to more people than ever before, but it also elegantly demonstrates the power of the technology to provide fashion shoppers with amazing new experiences. Imagine one day when fashion retail brands will be able to host their own virtual runway shows in their own stores, where guests can not only see the latest fashions walking in front of their very eyes, but can also shop and place orders for those products in real time as well?

Final Thoughts

Augmented reality is empowering the fashion industry to develop incredible experiences, and thanks to forward-thinking brands such as HoloMe, we've barely begun to scratch the surface of the potential this technology holds.

"By allowing the consumer to bring shopping into their own physical space, we can create a more intimate buying experience," said Janosch Amstutz, CEO at HoloMe. "We are excited to see how our technology can be used as a new way to communicate to the customer."

Augment reality is set to be a hot topic at Future Stores Miami 2020, taking place in February at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, FL.

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