Here's How Perry Ellis Is Deploying Digital Infrastructure to Better Serve Customers

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Consumers today want their in-store experiences to match their online shopping as closely as possible. Ecommerce is quick, easy, and seamless. If physical retail brands want to survive in a post online world, they are going to have to try to replicate the convenience of the digital experience in their stores.

Physical retail is deeply embroiled in a war with online, of that there is little doubt. And, while many brands are fighting this war by offering unique customer experiences that consumers simply can't get in while shopping online, others are looking to streamline the basics and drive increased revenue through a smoother and simpler shopping experience. That's not to say one strategy is better than the other - both are great methods and brands would benefit from a little of both - but they simply offer two different ways of taking the fight to ecommerce.

Perry Ellis is a brand known for luxury goods and has recently been overhauling its in-store and omnichannel infrastructure to better serve its discerning customers.

Perry Ellis

With online brands such as Amazon offering shoppers one-click checkout, it can be difficult for physical retail brands to offer anything close to this convenience. However, Perry Ellis is determined to get as close to it as possible with a new POS system designed to streamline that final - but most crucial - leg on the shopping experience.

It has achieved this by continuing its longstanding partnership with Oracle point of sale solutions and upgraded to the next generation Xstore Point-of-Service Solution - a new system which enables retail brands to empower customers and associates to receive and deliver faster in-store transactions.

The innovative platform comes complete with an intuitive interface which makes tasks such as applying discounts a matter of simplicity. The POS system also gives staff a live view of present store inventory, meaning they can answer customer stock queries without having to leave the shop floor and venture into the warehouse. Customers want to be able to find the products they want with as little fuss as possible and the live inventory feature certainly helps in this regard.

The Xstore POS platform isn't only limited to the checkout desk either. With it, Perry Ellis can have the same system and all its features available from mobile devices as well. This means associates can perform all the same tasks from anywhere in the store - even checking customers out, which is ideal for busier times.

Digital Infrastructure

However, the new POS system does not provide the entire story. Not content with simply making the checkout process at its stores smoother and more streamlined, Perry Ellis also wanted to bring a whole new customer relationship management solution into play.

"Perry Ellis' dated CRM solution, did not provide the kind of customer data segmentation and analysis that our marketing department required to effectively service our over one million loyalty members," said Perry Ellis' VP of Information Systems, Sandeep Baghel. "Moreover, after six years of adaptations to make it more suited to retail, the legacy solution had become a custom installation. To add or improve the functionality of the customized CRM system, Perry Ellis would have to build it internally."

The result of the project was a fully integrated and customized CRM platform which would allow Perry Ellis to serve its clientele better than ever before.

They could reward customers for purchases and retain their business in the future, optimize margins, offer personalized, relevant, and time-sensitive promotions across multiple channels, access customer profile data quicker than ever before for greater service levels and insights, gain a 360 degree picture of the customer regardless of the touchpoint being used, and reduce marketing costs through streamlined workflows.

"Replacing our limited and antiquated CRM solution was an essential step for Perry Ellis International," continued Baghel. "To stay competitive, the company must provide the kind of customer engagement and personalization today's consumers expect. By gaining a flexible CRM solution, Perry Ellis achieved a holistic view of their customers to better build brand loyalty and deliver memorable customer shopping experiences."

Final Thoughts

Digital transformation is not simply limited to customer experience-driven innovations such as augmented reality, virtual reality, magic mirrors, and beacons. There also needs to be transformation in a retailer's infrastructure to empower store associates to serve their customers in a manner which more closely mirrors the ecommerce experience.

In this regard, it's great to see a brand such a Perry Ellis bringing amazing new POS and CRM technology to bear in the battle against the ecommerce juggernaut. It's through innovations such as these that physical retail will be around for many years to come.

You can hear Perry Ellis' Vice President of Stores, Joan Cedrone, speak at Future Stores Miami 2020, taking place in February at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, FL.

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