Here's How VirtualAPT Is Creating Amazing Virtual Retail Experiences

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Virtual reality technology has gone from being the stuff of science fiction fantasy to a reality now available to both the general public and businesses alike. From exciting video game worlds to amazing customer experiences, it seems the technology has almost limitless potential.

In the retail industry, VR applications have been focused mainly on training staff. Brands such as Walmart have been using virtual reality training simulations to help store associates practice dealing with a wide range of situations without ever having to set foot on the floor. Virtual reality tech is perfect for this type of training as it can enable retail brands to prepare their staff for exceptional circumstances - such as Black Friday - rather than simply throwing them in at the deep end.

Into this space steps VirtualAPT, a virtual reality and robotics tech startup which provides innovative VR solutions to help retailers and realtors create amazing customer experiences.


The VirtualAPT experience is built around images captured by 360-degree video-capture robots, which are released into a retail space or any type of property. These incredible mobile supercomputers then whip around the locations capturing 3D images from every conceivable angle in 4K resolution and uploading them directly to the cloud.

In a matter of minutes, the content is processed by VirtualAPT's powerful artificial intelligence systems to create a "virtual world" that can then be explored remotely by staff or customers - from any connected and authorized device in the world.

"We create premium VR and 360deg content for real spaces," says VirtualAPT. "We build robots with our customized lens solution and depth sensors that can autonomously navigate and capture 360-degree video in any space. Using our proprietary technology, we work with clients to film real estate tours, retail experiences, marketing videos, and all types of entertainment. The full experience of a moving or guided tour of a space is a far more real way to immerse yourself."

The completed virtual reality footage can then be put to work to create any number of incredible and immersive customer experiences, for any number of industries.

For the property market, for example, the virtual reality tours made possible through VirtualAPT enable prospective buyers to look around several homes at a time - from the comfort of their own. This not only provides customers with a new level of convenience - as they no longer have to go through the stress of arranging an in-person viewing - but frees up realtors' time as well.

Similarly, in the leisure and tourism industry, travelers can look around hotels and resorts before making a booking. They can get an idea of the size of the location, its proximity to local amenities, and the facilities contained within - all before committing their cash and setting foot on a plane.

"VirtualAPT's videos provide a smooth, guided experience, with a dash of showmanship," reports Inman, while the Commercial Observer said: "The team at VirtualAPT have created the most realistic representation of what it is like to tour a property. This is Google Street View on steroids."

Virtual Reality Retail

In the retail industry, the VirtualAPT experience has a number of amazing applications which will help brands better promote themselves and offer their customers innovative new experiences.

From a marketing perspective, virtual reality tours are a great way to allow customers to get a look at your space from their own couch. You can also offer one-of-a-kind experiences which will help bring more people to your store than ever before. For example, you could host a virtual treasure hunt, where customers have to follow clues in the virtual world to locate a prize in the physical store. Brand storytelling objectives become a breeze with this kind of virtual tour, too.

Interactive hotspots let customers in the virtual world find out more about your brand or a product - if your store has the facility for ecommerce, you can even give them the ability to buy the product there and then, merging the physical and online shopping experience into one. Other services, such as allowing foreign customers to enjoy a guided tour of a store in their own language, also become possible with this technology.

Final Thoughts

Virtual reality technology holds so much potential for the retail industry beyond staff training. Thanks to innovative startups such as VirtualAPT, retailers can craft incredible omnichannel experiences which can truly blur the lines between the digital world and real-life physical shopping.

"The store of the future will leverage digital technology to simplify problem solving, product discovery and inspiration, and overall store navigation," said VirtualAPT.

Virtual reality is set to be a hot topic at Future Stores Miami 2020, taking place in February at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, FL.

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