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Future Stores Miami 2020 Innovation Briefing

Re-imagination of the retail experience is now more important than ever, as we reckon with store closures happening alongside store openings. According to data from Costar Group, the number of store closures announced in the first half of 2019 has already outstripped the number of retailers announced in all of 2018. But this doesn’t tell the whole story of what is happening in retail and it is certainly not all doom and gloom for stores. In fact, despite these closures, it is indisputable that retail is growing. There are over 1 million retail establishments across the United States, and retail sales have grown almost 4 percent annually since 2010. Stores certainly aren’t being replaced by ecommerce, either. In Our Retail Innovation Briefing, we cover what top retailers are doing in order to guarantee that doors stay open at their physical locations in 2020 and beyond.

Future Stores Miami 2020 Retail Tech Briefing

The rise of new technologies in the retail space is having a domino effect. Stores everywhere are becoming smarter, more efficient, and more technologically advanced. The challenge is that stores need to discern between which shiny new tech items will both add value to the customer and stand the test of time and which will do neither. In this Retail Tech Briefing, our aim is to take you behind the scenes at a few early-stage technology startups that are (or could) intersect with store retail to create valuable experiences, foot traffic, and revenue gains.

Consumer Report: Understanding Consumer Preference When They Decide Between In-Store & Online Shopping

    Retailers are investing in opportunities to improve both online and in-store shopping experiences—but how do consumers generally decide between the two options? This report investigates the ‘experiential trade-offs’ consumers encounter when they choose either online or in-store shopping. The results—by age group, by retail category, or as a whole data set—will shed light on how retailers can meet consumers on their terms, through any medium in which they choose to shop.

Case Study - Walmart's AI-Powered Store of the Future Is Nothing Like Amazon Go

The world’s biggest retailer is looking to change the nature of shopping as we know it - but by harnessing the power of AI at its Intelligent Retail Lab (IRL), Walmart isn’t seeking to replicate the Amazon Go experience.

The Customer-Facing Digital Signage Market in Retail Through 2021

In 2019, a new generation of consumers has developed a preference for brick-and-mortar stores. Now, retailers are investing in smarter in-store technologies, and digital signage is at the forefront. In this report, we provide key insights into the instore competitive environment in terms of retail strategy and maturity with digital signage. Discover how retailers are realizing the future of interactivity, personalization, and dynamic content in brick-and-mortar stores.

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