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2019 Retail Tech Briefing

The rise of new technologies in the retail space is having a domino effect. Stores everywhere are become smarter, more efficient, and more technologically advanced. The challenge is that stores need to discern between which shiny new tech items will both add value to the customer and stand the test of time and which will do neither. In this Retail Tech Briefing, our aim is to take you behind the scenes at a few early-stage technology startups that are (or could) intersect with store retail to create valuable experiences, foot traffic, and revenue gains.

NEC Display Solutions for Specialty Retail

In a world that’s becoming increasingly fast-paced, on-demand and interconnected, going digital is a necessary transition for today’s specialty retailer. But it’s hard to know where to begin. With so many options and so many changes in the digital marketplace, researching and deciding on the right visual display solution can cost you time and money in and of itself. Instead, you can take advantage of the knowledge and resources of NEC’s specialty retail experts, who are well equipped to tailor a display system designed specifically to meet the growing needs of this competitive industry. Using this guide, you can prepare yourself with some common questions and issues to consider when starting a conversation about digital signage systems.

Case Study: Cabela’s deploys cross-section of NEC displays to engage customers and employees

Cabela’s, based in Sidney, Nebraska, is the world’s largest direct marketer of hunting, fishing, camping and related outdoor merchandise. As a leading specialty retailer, the company also has grown into one of the most well-known outdoor recreation brands.In keeping with its tradition of high-quality products and customer service, the company strategized on how to build stronger relationships with customers while empowering employees, also known as “outfitters,” to deliver superior customer service and to realize their crucial roles in the success of the company.

District Managers: The Real MVPs of Retail

District Manager are ultimate consultants, in tune with both corporate objectives and the unique opportunities for each store to thrive. But with all of their influence, the potential of District Managers is too often untapped. Why? Their tools aren’t designed for their jobs. Improved tools give District Managers time back to do what they do best: Build relationships and solve problems for your field.

The Customer-Facing Digital Signage Market in Retail Through 2021

In 2019, a new generation of consumers has developed a preference for brick-and-mortar stores. Now, retailers are investing in smarter in-store technologies, and digital signage is at the forefront. In this report, we provide key insights into the instore competitive environment in terms of retail strategy and maturity with digital signage. Discover how retailers are realizing the future of interactivity, personalization, and dynamic content in brick-and-mortar stores.

BrightSign Media Players Drive Interactive Digital Transformation in Best Buy Canada Experience Stores

Best Buy Canada is a leading omnichannel technology retailer with a formidable presence, operating the Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile and Geek Squad brands. The company’s physical retail footprint of 134 big box Best Buy stores and an additional 49 Best Buy Mobile stores spans from coast to coast. Several years ago, Best Buy Canada anticipated the growing need to provide today’s consumer with increased interactivity and design in a physical retail experience. To that end, the company embarked on a multi-year effort to enhance approximately 30 of its premier experience store locations across Canada with new interactive digital signage.

Future Stores Miami 2018 Innovation Briefing

Reimagination of the retail experience is now more important than ever, as 2018 has been a particularly dramatic one for physical retail. The news headlines are constantly highlighting massive store closures and bankruptcies, reinforcing the sense that there is indeed a retail apocalypse underway.As of April, well over 90 million square feet was projected to be vacated this year, and leading commercial real estate firm, Costar Group, has projected that 2018 will be a peak year for store closures. Leading the charge on store closures are former industry behemoths like Brookstone, Toys ‘R’ Us, Sears, Claire’s, Lord & Taylor and Foot Locker.Although things are sounding gloomy, leading retailers are looking at 2018 and beyond as a time of transformation. Key partnerships, higher quality apps, and implementing tech that puts the customer’s time and interest first, have helped many retailers avoid the store closure headlines.

Delivering on the Experiential Retail Opportunity: Intelligent Appointment Scheduling for Every Engagement

Customers have new expectations, seeking greater customization and solution-oriented interactions. Organizations that are succeeding are developing experiences that engage them in a fun and playful ways, helping consumers learn about not what they can own, but what they can achieve with their products.In this post-webinar report, we review how experiential retail is driving business and loyalty in digital environments, leveraging the buying power of new consumers. You’ll learn why almost 80% of retailers are rolling out experiential programs to accomplish just that.

How to Unify the Retail Customer Experience

Click the image to the left to download! New from Future Stores and Kibo Commerce comes the latest research in integrating brick and mortar into a highly sophisticated omnichannel strategy. Get your copy to discover: The latest in-store technologiesSeamlessly integrating customer dataFulfillment options that your customers want

The Future Store Manifesto

The digital world is infiltrating brick and mortar stores, where consumers are equipped with smartphones and a new setof expectations that are higher than ever before. Over the past twenty years, many in the retail industry have predictedthe demise of the physical store. But the reality is, the store is still the foundation of retailing. It is where the tactile andsensory experience comes together for the consumer.The store is not dead, it’s digitized…Learn more in Boston Retail Partner's "The Store Manifesto." Click on the image to the left to download!

How Retailers Can Unlock The Value of Store Managers

Click the image on the left to download now! Examining the role of the store manager, this in depth report from Future Stores and Square Root covers everything you need to know to unlock the greatest possible value from the store manager role.Key topics include:Support structures and job satisfactionStore managers' daily challenges

Six Critical Factors for Omnichannel Retail Success

Today, consumers have access to endless amounts of information, while many retailers know little or nothing about their customers. In this report, we learn from six digital and in-store retail experts at every stage of omnichannel development how they take on the evolving world of retail. You will learn about:The greatest challenges when adopting new omnichannel strategiesThe risks of engaging consumers in social environmentsUsing omnichannel customer data in in-store environmentsThe key to understanding customers’ cross-channel journeys

Transforming Customer Engagement with Location-Based Technologies

From the Future Stores team in conjunction with Blis, the global leader in location data and technology, this report features direct insights from retail industry leaders at Microsoft, Verizon, Best Buy, Coca-Cola, Chili’s, and DSW. The experts identify strategic opportunities for using customer location data to intersect digital and physical worlds, along with five key recommendations for leveraging location data in a new, competitive retail environment.

Retail Innovation Briefing

In our reports and conferences, Future Stores sets out to bring our audience a behind the scenes look at today’s retail landscape. We’re an industry leader in helping our audience reimagine the physical store as the key to growth and continued success in today’s competitive environment.As an in-store executive, it is essential that you stay on top of changing trends within the retail space as digital giants like Amazon are turning brick and mortar stores into showrooms. Although, it’s not all doom and gloom. Top retail brands like Apple, Best Buy and Starbucks have silenced the retail armageddon critics by building a unified commerce experience within their stores, completely built around the customer.In this brief report, we give a snapshot of how several small and large retailers are combating the growing digital presence of their competitors, while also providing a unique customer experience to everybody that walks into their store.

The Digital Evolution of In-Store Retail: A 2018 Future Stores Benchmark Report

Retailers acknowledge that customers need a data-driven experience the moment they enter the store. That means transforming stores into data hubs where they collect information on customers during their visits.This Future Stores Industry Benchmark Report features in-depth analyses and quotes from industry leaders who participated in the study. Discover how connected associates, cross-channel data, and personalized in-store technologies are driving retention and customer satisfaction.

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