Future Stores Miami 2019

February 05 - 07, 2019

JW Marriott Miami, FL

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Andrea Wasserman

VP, Retail Experience

10:45 AM Keynote Panel Discussion Remix: Apocalypse Or Opportunity? A Look Into The Future Of Brick & Mortar Retail

If you have been reading the recent retail headlines, it might seem like there is only more doom and gloom ahead for the industry. Beloved stores and franchises are shuttering their doors left and right, unable to sustain brick & mortar locations in today’s challenging commerce environment. However, with change comes opportunity. This session will explore sustainable store practices to promote longevity for your brand, including:
- Capitalizing on both the market share and the physical retail space left behind by store closures
- Redefining the role of the store in your store’s existing consumer journey to maximize it’s impact
- Understanding the landscape of the current retail environment and where opportunities lie for your business in the future

11:30 AM Keynote Panel Discussion: Technology Not For Technology’s Sake: Examining The Value Of In-Store Tech

With more advanced systems, programs and devices for consumer experiences being developed every day, it’s tempting to want to join the technology rat race. However, investing in technology just to follow a fad can lead to wasted budget. This session will explore ways to integrate cutting edge technology in your store to drive long term customer engagement. Key takeaways include:

- Balancing the cost of investment in new technologies with their potential value
- Determining which technologies are beneficial and which might just be ‘party tricks’
- Establishing a balance between practical utility and surprise & delight
- Choosing technologies that can be integrated into existing store systems
- Ensuring your technology stack is optimized to give you a good return on investment

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Andrea.

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