Future Stores Miami 2019

February 05 - 07, 2019

JW Marriott Miami, FL

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Gene Lunger

EVP, Licensee Operations, Business Development & Retail Education
Ashley Homestore

11:00 AM Keynote Case Study: The Power Of A Growth Mindset

In today’s rapidly transforming retail landscape, one of the greatest constraints to progress - and ultimately success - isn’t budget, talent or resources … it is the mindset of leadership. Everyone wants to change and win, but it’s “easy say” … not “easy do”. In this session you will be asked to reflect on your own mindset towards the future and be challenged and provoked to adjust the way you think to speed your progress towards innovating your guest experience, your retail environment, and your RESULTS. 

- Accept and deal with the fact that your belief system is either an accelerator or a constraint to your progress, both personally and professionally
- Take the steps to stimulate your personal growth leading to a fresh perspective on establishing sustainable competitive advantages in your professional arena.
- Challenge yourself to escape your traditional beliefs and behaviors – exit your comfort zone to enter the learning zone, ultimately achieving meaningful change and forward progress.
- Walk away ready to challenge the status quo, avoid “going along to get along”, and ready to take the initiative on driving true and meaningful growth in your life and career.

1:45 PM Panel Discussion Remix: Enhancing Efficiency In Your Business Through Revamped Associate Hiring And Training Processes

As store associates take on new responsibilities and roles in stores, it is important to adapt your hiring and training processes to acquire, retain and train talent that is well-aligned with your store’s identity. While many retail skills are transferrable between retail jobs and across industries, there are some qualities that make a good associate that cannot be trained. Learn how to revamp your hiring and training programs in this group discussion. 

- Developing interactive trainings to instruct new associates on store policies and practices 
- Determining which industries have employees whose skills are easily transferrable to retail 
- Establishing guidelines for which qualities and skills can be taught and which are inherent, personality-related qualities 
- Spending less time, money and energy hiring and training through refined employment criteria and more effective trainings 

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