Future Stores Miami 2020

February 09 - 11, 2020

Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, FL

Haniff Brown, Co-Founder at Graupel
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Haniff Brown


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Day 1: Imagining The Store Of The Future

Monday, February 10th, 2020

4:30 PM Case Study: How Fit:Match Is Proactively Fixing A Broken Apparel Shopping Journey By Using Accurate Fit-Based Personalization

We define the term “fit risk” as vast areas of uncertainty in the apparel shopping journey related to fit, that results in a hit or miss experience for shoppers and negatively impacts retail economics for brands. Recently, a high growth $1B apparel online retailer disclosed that its return rate has surpassed 50% and management acknowledged a vast majority of that figure was due to fit risk.

FIT:MATCH is an online/offline apparel shopping platform that uses 3D-AI technology to eliminate fit risk for both shoppers and brands. The proprietary AI-powered technology called Fitch, proactively shows shoppers only apparel products that fit them 90% or better, and hides the ones that don’t fit. We also provide brands a powerful first-of-its-kind personalized marketing platform, enabling them to target individual customers based on accurate biometric data and fit preferences.

This talk will explore:
  • Why the shopping journey is fundamentally broken and requires a transformative, proactive solution to fix it
  • How Fit:Match works, our momentum so far, our collaboration with the real estate community and our growth plans
  • The power of accurate fit-based personalization for shoppers
  • How we offer brands a new way to market to customers that is not only more precise, but also 300% more profitable than digital channels like Google and Facebook

Day 2: Store Technology & Next Gen Customer Engagement

Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

11:10 AM Keynote Panel Remix: In With The New, Out With The Newly Outdated; How To Make Smarter Long-Term Store Tech Investments

There are always new and exciting technologies rolling out that promise to revolutionize your store operations and enhance your customer experience. So how do you sort out which tech will drive real value? You can wait to see what your competitors do and risk falling behind them, or can you lead the charge at the risk of making an expensive mis-step. This session will help you avoid both of these scenarios and provide actionable takeaways for making smarter technology choices by:
  • Assessing the compatibility of your legacy systems with new technologies to anticipate and avoid integration issues with new tech
  • Determining whether to ‘build it’ or ‘buy it’ based on your budget, the complexity of the solution, and your timeline
  • Determining when you need technology for “flair” or for function and ensuring to avoid tech that is advanced but doesn’t do much
  • Working with your front-line employees and store associates to ensure that the tech that you select is not only impactful, but also easy to operate and update