Future Stores Miami 2019

February 05 - 07, 2019

JW Marriott Miami, FL

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Kari Harkins

Senior Director, Store Operations

1:10 PM Fireside Chat: Exploring The Risks And Rewards Of BYOD Programs

There is an increasing shift towards BYOD (bring your own device) associate programs that allow store employees on the floor to use personal devices to access data on customers and complete transactions without returning to a POS register. However, stores cannot legally install tracking software on personal smartphones and allowing associates to use their smartphones at work can lead to distractions, lower productivity, and security risks. This interactive session will explore the benefits as well as the risks of implementing a BYOD program at your organization.

There will be a bowl outside the general session room up until the morning break that you can use to submit your most pressing questions and concerns about BYOD programs. The questions that you want answers to will be incorporated into the fireside chat. We will vote before and after the session about whether you think a BYOD model could work for your retail organization.

This fireside chat will explore such questions as:
a. Understanding the perceived and actual security risks in allowing store associates to process purchase information and credit card details on a personal smartphone device
b. Ensuring that personal devices are only being used for store functions (and not for distractions like social media) without infringing on associates’ right to privacy
c. Standardizing training for store associates across the wide range of smartphone operating systems

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