Future Stores Miami

February 07-February 09, 2017

JW Marriott Miami, FL

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Stefan T Midford

Chief Executive Officer
Natural Insight

Customer-Centric Retail Design & Innovation

11:15 AM Keynote: Optimize Your In-Store Execution to Deliver An Amazing Customer Experience

Delivering an outstanding customer experience that combines fully-stocked shelves, eye-catching displays, and skilled associates who can provide high-quality advice is increasingly important to improve conversion rates in retail.
However, maintaining a consistent level of service across multiple locations can be especially challenging as full-time employees, store-hired “on-demand” workforce and brand employees come and go and execute on various tasks.
Find out how retailers are using new workforce management platforms to:
• Get a clear overview of operations in retail locations with improved data collection
• Guarantee exceptional execution to improve conversion rate using surveys
• Improve employee efficiency to minimize time spent on non-sales related activities
• Simplify communication to staff and respond quickly to consumer needs
• Track all staff and third-party activities on-site to improve store efficiency