Future Stores Miami

February 07-February 09, 2017

JW Marriott Miami, FL

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Tyler Balliet

President and Founder
Second Glass (Wine Riot)

Customer-Centric Retail Design & Innovation

09:35 AM Reimagining Wine Retail at the Intersection of Experience and Customer Data

When customers buy a bottle of wine they are buying an experience. If done correctly they are whisked away to Paris, Sydney, or Buenos Aires when the cork is popped; done poorly and they are simply sipping alcohol grape juice. Wine Riot is reinventing the wine retail for Millennials by combining events, digital content, and mobile technology with a dynamic, visual, highly educational retail experience. In this presentation Wine Riot Founder Tyler Balliet will reveal:
• The impact of shifting the language of an entire industry
• Turning product education into entertainment customers will pay for
• Continuously collecting and analyzing customer data to stay on top of in-store trends