Future Stores Miami

February 07-February 09, 2017

JW Marriott Miami, FL

Contact Us: 1.888.482.6012

Vince Theriault

Co-Founder & CEO

Customer-Centric Retail Design & Innovation

11:35 AM Case Study Revolution: Transforming Retail One Innovation at a Time

Surmesur constantly strives to take its award-winning omni-channel customer experience to the next level. The future of retail is here and is nothing short of revolutionary.
• Hear how Surmesur has combined the art of traditional tailoring with ever-evolving technological innovation to provide the ultimate in-store experience.
• Learn the steps the company has taken to extend its reach and reputation through multiple digital channels.
• Gain key insights into the entrepreneurial vision of two brothers who have built Surmesur from a basement start-up to a retail leader with 12 locations across North America in just six years.